Abraham Mohler is a sculptor based in St. Louis, MO who works in stone, bronze, wood and steel.  Mohler has been a professional artist since graduating from Arizona State University in 2004.  His work is primarily figurative and when given the opportunity, tends toward rich symbolism and narrative storytelling.  In many cases, his work carries forward an 'old world' aesthetic that honors generations of artists who honed the skills and handed down that knowledge and experience to the next generation to be improved upon.  He is trying to use the best of our collective art history to give visual expression to thoughts and ideas he finds particularly valuable to a contemporary audience.

I’m especially drawn toward works that straddle a tension between ‘finished’ and ‘unfinished.’ There is something about the potential energy that pulses through figures emerging out of stone that is entirely captivating. You actually feel the life of the figure trying to come out, and you can see through the eyes of the sculptor what he or she sees and intends. It’s a magnificent aesthetic!

In the case of ‘The Caryatids’, I envisioned these pieces as forming or framing a gateway into a home or garden. The passage from one space to the next is always a wonderful opportunity, rich with symbolism and contemplation. These columns are designed to do just that. They are designed to draw the viewer from one place of being, to a place of becoming.