I tend to focus on the graphic quality of a landscape with an emphasis on light. Light fascinates me. I love to manipulate it to express a mood, a time of day, even a season of the year. As for my cloudscapes they give me the opportunity to border on the abstract.

I’m always pleased when I can capture the soft color gradations evoking the quietness of nature.


1-Cap with Painting.jpg

I was once told that doing art is the great journey. With no roadmaps. No directions. Sometimes no known destination. And the only guidance you may be blessed with is intuition. Intuition fueled by imagination. 

Although my work is representational and derived from nature, I leave it open to interpretation. Two of my influences are the American painter George Inness for his later work and its minimal detail, lighting, and soft brushwork; and German painter Gerhard Richter for his unorthodox choice of subject matter and superb technical ability. 

My goal is to make something that resonates visually and emotionally, not only for me but for the viewer as well.

I was painting 'en plein air' (that’s French for 'hot and dusty') in the New Mexico desert one day when one of my fellow painters shouted, “Watch out for rattlesnakes!” I thought “To hell with this. I think I’ll be a studio painter.” But my hat is off to 'en plein air' painters. To be successful, they have to be fast as well as decisive. I tend to mull over paintings and let them evolve intuitively.

The man I consider to be my mentor was illustrator Jack Unruh. Jack was world famous for his talent and encouraged me in both painting and illustration. The counsel of equally famous and talented illustrator/painter Bart Forbes has also proven invaluable.


Juried Exhibitions: 

Current Trends in Print, Elon University, Elon, NC 2009    

Dia de los Muertos, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX 2009    

Dia de los Muertos, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX 2010

Festival of Independent Theaters, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX, 2010

White Rock Lake Centennial, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX 2011

Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX 2012 

New Texas Talent XX, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX 2013    

Dia de los Muertos, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX 2014  

Dia de los Muertos, Exhibit3, Dallas, TX

Pettigrew Gallery, 2-person show, Dallas, TX 2015 

Art Kudos, Online Exhibition 2015 

2nd Regional Juried Exhibition, Artspace111 Gallery, Fort Worth, TX

Bird: The Artists Eye View of Birds, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX   

Texas Artists Exhibition, Beeville Art Museum, Beeville, TX 2015 

Skies, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery

Grace United Methodist Church 2015 

 Fresh Paint Biennial, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2015 

Hunting Art Prize, Finalist, Houston, TX 2016    

Texas Visual Arts Association National Exhibition, group show


Official illustrator of the U.S. Postal Service postage stamp in 2013


Artist’s Magazine 32nd Annual Art Competition multiple finalist, 2015, F & W Media, Inc

Artist’s Magazine Artist of the Month 2016

Creative Quarterly: Published in four issues for 2015

Creative Quarterly Annual: Top 25 Fine Artists of 2015

Manifest Gallery’s International Painting Annual , Cincinnati, Ohio for 2014

Manifest Gallery’s International Painting Annual , Cincinnati, Ohio for 2016

Southwest Art Magazine & Collector’s Guide finalist, 2015, F & W Media, Inc.

Studio Visit Magazine 2016


Boy Scouts of America; Chicago Sun Times; Catholic Health Association of the United States; Chronicle of Higher Education; Cure magazine; Dallas Chamber Orchestra; Dallas Morning News; Dallas Society of Visual Communications; Globe & Mail of Canada; Hartford Courant; Health Progress Magazine; Hunt Petroleum; The Meadows Foundation; Museum of Natural History NYC; Newsweek; Northwestern University; PC Magazine; Rutgers University; The Salvation Army; Southern Methodist University; University of Notre Dame; University of Richmond; The University of Texas; United States Postal Service.