donald weber

I love to paint! I love the work of it. It is a very real physical activity and connects to me to my senses; —the feel of the materials in my hands, the smell of paint, light in the studio, and the tremendous satisfaction from painting outside and from life. Through this my thinking process becomes a physical activity and allows me to be in the moment. I can’t think of anything else I do that comes close.


Weber in his Santa Fe studio.

Weber in his Santa Fe studio.

Donny's art education began while earning a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Kentucky.  Today, in addition to a busy fine art career he is a licensed architect working worldwide in the entertainment industry and hospitality industry.

Donny was a founding Board Member of the Kentucky School of Art at Spaulding University in Louisville Kentucky and sat on the Executive Committee for two years. 

He and his brother Tom are the namesakes for the The Weber Gallery in Louisville Kentucky, which offers art education and representation to Special Needs Students and exhibits and sells their work through side-by-side programs with professional artists.  Donny occasionally exhibits there as a part of that program. Donny attributes his development and passion as a fine artist to many years designing and illustrating for companies as Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, NASA, SeaWorld and Crayola.

Mentors are many but some favorites include CW Mundy, Kim English, Scott Burdick, Irby Brown and Masters Ilyia Repin, Joaquin Sorolla, JMW Turner, John Singer Sargent and Degas.

Donny and his family split their time between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Louisville, Kentucky.  

I love the diversity between New Mexico and Kentucky. The cultures, the weather and the landscapes are so different. Each time I return to each location I am re-energized about painting what is there.