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"Fragile Environments" : CAROL HARTSOCK

Hartsock often uses a striking horizontal line in the works in this collection to serve as a resting point or divider line, which separates chaotic, stimulating areas from relaxed portions of the artwork.  "The idea is to try to get people to look at the images and see how there is this food that is given to us through Mother Nature, and then how we have used it and what we need to do to maintain it,” says Hartsock.

While Hartsock’s 30-year artistic career has mainly been focused on portraiture, she began exploring abstract concepts, craving the ability to loosen up with her artwork. She started experimenting with using alkyd oil paint, and says the layering process of the medium is not only conducive to landscape works, but it allows her to apply color in a way that conveys intense emotion and gives works a glass-like look.  

Reception September 16th 5-7:30pm.  See more works here: