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"Impressions of Nature" : JOSEPH BREZA & WILLIAM SCHAAF

OPENING Reception Friday, July 7th 5:00 - 7:30pm

Featuring two artists of consummate mastery, Joseph Breza and William Schaaf each have renowned careers spanning over 40 years of dedication to both technique and artist's vision.

Joseph Breza is continually identified as a master colorist by peers and critics.  With his signature lush brushwork and nuanced light of nature, Breza conveys the unique palette of a moment and a season, reflecting to the viewer a feeling of connection and emotional resonance.

William Schaaf's equine sculptures are meditations on form and archetypal themes. Schaaf says, “ sculpture is influenced by a Japanese aesthetic, by accidental happenings of nature, a French-school notion of surface and beauty; while serving to honor various ancient traditions, through imitation and variation. The pieces are about primal, elemental energies associated with the horse since recorded time.”