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"Liberty" : featuring REGINA FOSTER & PAIGE BRADLEY

OPENING RECEPTION and Meet-the-Artist: Friday August 11th, 5 - 7:30pm

Santa Fe artist Regina Foster's new body of paintings reflects a stunning tour-de-force delving into the idea of personal "Veritas", Truth.  The choice to live in "veritas", with liberty, and in personal integrity, — as a country, an individual, or a global family. Foster paints through pattern, symbolism, and layered atmosphere evoking metaphor and message from an intuitive place.  "The world lately feels very black and white," says Foster, "and these works have come from call to the soul within us all that inspires the courage and beauty of living in integrity."

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, Paige Bradley, asks the question "Who are we if we're un-contained?" Bradley's figurative bronzes powerfully draw upon the qualities of our being-ness and connection to each other.  From her Metamorphosis series combining bronze with electricity, to her series of dancers, Bradley's work evokes the strength, grace and beauty of a human life. Bradley says, "As much as I try to avoid labeling myself, I am a figurative artist in everything I do. The figure to me is the perfect vehicle to communicate the human condition."

Music by CANYON Fine Art Jazz Fusion

Music by CANYON Fine Art Jazz Fusion