Hoyle is an expressionist who paints his emotions, passions, and his world.   It is not so much what he paints, but how he paints it.   With a unique color application, Hoyle utilizes texture to create mood, and by using different layers of brushwork, including impasto, he evokes strong emotion in the viewer, thereby dissolving the line as viewer and creating a world experienced.  By varying the direction of brushstrokes, Hoyle adds character, movement, energy, and life to the painting.

A naturalist painter, Hoyle has a willingness to endure physical discomfort in order to achieve what a painting needs.  He seeks communion with the painters who have influenced him, and knows that understanding doesn't come from the pages of artist tutorials, but from immersion and dedication.  Hoyle has followed this muse across the earth; painting in the New Orleans French Quarter, influenced by the very area where Degas had a studio; in Arles, France, after the footsteps of van Gogh; in Monet's Giverny, France; and in the Tahitian locales that inspired Gauguin. Currently residing in Hawaii, Hoyle has a devoted international collector base drawn to his joie de vivre