Lange Marshall grew up in the rolling hill country of Kerrville, Texas, with a deep love of painting since childhood, along with her desire to get lost in a world of beauty.  She is an impressionist painter with a focus on still life, figurative works, and landscapes, and the presence of peacefulness and serenity is crucial to her artwork.

The positive reinforcement she received from early teachers encouraged her to pursue art. After high school, she continued to develop drawing and painting skills, enrolling at Texas State Technical Institute in Waco, TX, where she degreed in art and advertising.

Considering herself to be mostly an impressionist painter with a note of realism, Lange Marshall’s artwork boasts many genres, “I love, love the illusion of the more expressive brush stroke, I try to make it playful,” says Marshall, “and I really live in an ideal place for art. New Mexico is the most beautiful place, the light is so magnificent and everywhere one looks you find stunning beauty.” Attributing her inspiration to the sunshine filled days in New Mexico, Lange Marshall hopes her passion comes through her paintings touch and inspire people.

She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, The New Mexico Watercolor Society, and signature member The American Impressionist Society.

Corporate Collections

Dallas Fort Worth Hilton, Arlington, Texas

Baird Electronics, Dallas, Texas

Sea-Land Services Inc., Dallas, Texas

Sheraton Hotel, Houston, Texas

Shriner Hospital, Galveston, Texas

ElectroCom Automation, Inc., Dallas, Texas

"Through my paintings I explore a range of human activity and relationships, including the spiritual connection between people and animals.  I want others to feel the unconditional love experienced in these relationships. Sometimes we find love from animals where there is little to be found elsewhere."
Lange at annual Canyon Road PAINT-OUT.

Lange at annual Canyon Road PAINT-OUT.

"My relationship with art began when I was very young.  In grade school I enjoyed drawing fashion sketches of elegant women which represented a safer world, beyond the poverty of my early years. The positive attention I received encouraged me, and I developed drawing and painting skills, and later embarked upon a career as an illustrator."