Marcelo Salvioli, was born in Argentina where he studied at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata becoming a professor of plastic art and set designer. Stage designer, painter, artistic director of cinema and theatre, short film director, he is dedicated to his work as a set designer working in South America and Europe. Since 1984 he began to exhibit his works, drawings and canvases in Argentina including the Salon Municipal de Artes Plasticas in La Plata, the Museo de Bella Artes de La Plata, and the Salon Nacional de Dibujo de Entre Rios. Many awards have been awarded to the artist since 1979. Marcelo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marcelo Salvioli is a complex individual; he is a cultured man, sensitive and refined. An artist able to describe with poetry and gentleness what he sees, an artist of sentiment. The great strength of his works, from sketches to big canvases, comes form his innate artistic vocation and borrowed from his academic study. He work is clear and evocative, permeated by a profound knowledge of the history of art.