I am interested in having my sculptures say more about us as a people, about our spirits and our aspirations.
Eichinger with "Gaia's Breath"

Eichinger with "Gaia's Breath"

Eichinger was born in Michigan in 1949. He is known for his bronze sculptures, but he prefers being considered a narrative artist. His goal is to, "chronicle the eternal human pursuit of meaning, happiness, and growth.”

Eichinger resides in Oregon, and is known internationally in both collector circles and sculpting circles.  By sharing story and emotion through the human form, Martin Eichinger connects with both viewers and, importantly, with the sculpture itself.  He feels his artwork is complete once he senses it has entered someone's life in a meaningful way.  Working in a 6,000 sq ft studio, with 16-foot ceilings Eichinger creates bronzes that range in scale from intimate to monumental. The sculptures reflect grace and imagery, capturing an essence of our ideal self.

Over the past two decades Eichinger has taught numerous workshops and mentored more than twenty apprentices, many who have gone on to achieving successful artistic careers of their own.  A professional member and fellow of the National Sculpture Society, he is also founding member of the Pacific Northwest Sculpture Association.