My passion for both painting and nature are mixed within myself. This is the reason I paint landscapes. I find much inspiration in taking nature walks during my travels throughout Europe. I’m not interested in current art trends, I just paint what I like.

Miguel Peidro is from Alicante, Spain and trained as an artist in the old-world way, —alongside well-known Spanish painters such as Vincente Moya, Alex Alemany, and Juan Ferri.

Peidro's choice of the panoramic format accentuates a landscape and invites the viewer to partake in the artist’s vision. Upon viewing Peidro’s paintings, one cannot help but feel the quiet and meditative quality of his environments.  Light reflecting on water is an ever-engaging and mysterious phenomenon to Peidro, and is a continual subject in his paintings. The water not only reflects the light, but the vitality of the natural world. His attraction to the force of nature is indisputable. His admiration for both painting and nature translates eloquently onto canvas through use of delicate brushstrokes and thick layers.