As much as I try to avoid labeling myself, I am a figurative artist in everything I do. The figure to me is the perfect vehicle to communicate the human condition.

My definition of success is to be a visionary through truthful and courageous artwork, work that communicates what it feels like to be alive in the world today. I keep moving my work forward by questioning, observing, looking for truth and searching for clarity. My goal is to have the courage to create what feels real, not necessarily beautiful, in order to create lasting, fine art.




Immersed in nature and art, Paige Bradley believes that through the figure an artist can speak a universal language that is timeless and essential.  Bradley's inspiration comes from her connection to the world, her relationships with others, and the self.  

Born in Carmel, California, Paige Bradley knew she would be an artist from the early age of nine years old, and began casting work in bronze by seventeen.  Following her inspiration, Bradley went to Pepperdine University where she studied sculpture and painting, including a year in Florence, Italy focused on art history and drawing.  

In 1995 Paige was given the coveted position of assistant sculptor to the Atlanta Olympic Games.  

By 2001 she was voted into the National Sculpture Society, the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and The Salmagundi Club as a professional sculptor.  

In 2006 Bradley's sculpture was featured in over a dozen galleries and master workshops and is now instantly recognizable worldwide.  A masterful elegance in her figures, Paige's sculpture is sought out for public and private commissions both monumental and intimate.  

In 2014, "Expansion" blending bronze with electricity was named as one of the top 25 most creative sculptures in the world.


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