I love flat color and structure. Geometrics, hard edges, stripes, just real visual stimulation. I’m taking the information I see and translating it into the language of the heart.



Travis Bruce Black

Although they may appear to be meticulously planned and controlled, Travis Bruce Black’s paintings of animals are much more spontaneous and magical. “I like that sense of watercolor where you don’t totally control it,” Black says. “You set up situations where you can 70-percent predict what will happen. But I’m not the type of artist that has a complete vision of what it will be; the exciting part for me is just putting a piece together and seeing where it goes.”

Black began drawing and painting in grade school but was often discouraged from pursuing a career in art.  Then in his early 20s he was exposed to Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano’s figural works. “That pillowy sense of color moving over a surface and giving a magical feel to the image” inspired him to return to art, Black says. He began to study with noted watercolor artists to develop his unique, kaleidoscopic style.  In particular, Travis' Chirp Series, portraits of birds, —which has engaged him profoundly for over 300 portraits— are in a category by themselves.  Vivid colors and subtle flirtations are paired with his abstract technique, bringing a dreamy quality to his artwork.

Black said he knew on a subconscious level that if he created visually active paintings they would get attention. As long as Travis can remember he has always had support and has been featured in 37 solo and group exhibitions; with 17 in New Mexico, and one in Turkmenistan.

Recently, Travis has been working with the couture fashion line Gauri & Nainika, who specialize in creating award-show custom gowns, and have licensed Black's original designs emblazoned on their fabrics.  

All originals paintings are available as prints directly through artist.  Please inquire here: www.travisbruceblack.com

Kerry Washington wearing custom Travis Black designs with GAURI & NAINIKA COUTURE to Emmy Awards.

Kerry Washington wearing custom Travis Black designs with GAURI & NAINIKA COUTURE to Emmy Awards.

To express the fullness and my experience of life, I try to work in paradoxes like straight lines vs. curved lines, for example the difference between architecture and plants. Even more interesting to me is how curves and lines commingle. I try to show the spectrum of difference between abstraction and naturalistic form to illustrate how layered reality is and to flesh out a more inclusive picture of what ‘real’ feels like. An overarching theme for my work is how complex creatures are and how every living thing is a little package of total mystery.
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Solo Exhibitions

2016                University of New Mexico, Exaggerate-Accurate, Valencia Campus, Los Lunas, NM

2013                San Juan College, Now... Rise a Knight, Farmington, NM

                        Bright Rain Gallery, New Works, Albuquerque NM   

2012                Providence Gallery, Little Bird: Compositions, Charlotte                             NC

                        Bright Rain Gallery, New Kungfu, Albuquerque NM

2011                Bright Rain Gallery, EverythingSing, Albuquerque NM

2010                Bright Rain Gallery, New Paintings, Albuquerque NM

2008                Bright Rain Gallery, Experiment, Albuquerque, NM

                        Blue Gallery, Sirens and Titans,Three Oaks, MI

2007                Bright Rain Gallery, Get-Go, Albuquerque NM

2004                Lansing City Hall, Cat-like, Lansing MI

                        Trillium Gallery, Change, East Lansing MI

2003                Lansing Art Gallery's Salon, Travis Pickard, Lansing MI

Juried and Group Exhibitions

2017                Stranger Factory, Made in New Mexico, Albuquerque NM

2016                Canyon Road Contemporary, Inverse/Outverse, 2 person                         show with Sculptor Adam Thomas Rees, Santa Fe NM

                        SCA Contemporary/Zendo, Sanitary Tortilla Artists,                                   Albuquerque NM

2015                516Arts, Studio Sale, Albuquerque NM

2014                Museum of Fine Art Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, The Spirit of Two Deserts, Canyon Road Contemporary, Wild Things:2 person show with Sculptor Adam Thomas Rees, Santa Fe NM

                        Fuller Art Lodge, Things with Wings, Best in Show, Los                             Alamos NM

2012                Open Space Visitor Center, Waterways and Wildlife,                                   Albuquerque NM

2011                KiMo Gallery, The Raven, Albuquerque NM              

                        (SCENE) Metrospace, Unfriended, East Lansing MI

2010                IlluXCon Showcase, Altoona PA

2009                Corrales Bosque Gallery, Guest Artist Show, Corrales NM

2008                Open Mind Space, Albuquerque Group Show,                                           Albuquerque NM

2007                Around The Coyote at Dulcenea, Chicago IL

                        Semantics, Angst der Angst, Cincinnati OH

2005                University of New Mexico S.U.B. Gallery, Entelechy,                                 Albuquerque NM

                        (SCENE) Metrospace, Skin Deep, East Lansing MI

                        Susan Hensel Design Gallery, Poems of Loss and                                     Desperation, Minneapolis MN

                        Lansing Art Gallery, A Piece of Pickard, Lansing MI

                        Trillium Gallery, Fire and Water, East Lansing, MI

                        (SCENE) Metrospace, The Buddy System (revisited), East                         Lansing MI

                        Blue Gallery, Kellie Pickard: Hit the Ground Running,                                 Three Oaks Michigan

                        555 Gallery, The Buddy System, Detroit MI

                        The Majestic, The Actual, Detroit MI

2004                Stanley Clark, Art for the Mind, South Bend IN

2003                Art Center of Battle Creek, Battle Creek MI

                        Otherwise Gallery, Waking The Slumber, Lansing MI

2002                Spiderhouse Gallery, Spider’s Experiment, Lansing MI

                        Buckham Gallery, Balancing Axe, Flint MI

                        Otherwise Gallery, …Moustache Amen, Lansing, MI

Publications, Media and Public art

2016                Travis Bruce Black Collection, Printed Couture Dresses in                         collaboration with India Fashion designers Gauri and                                 Nainika, New Mexico Art in Public Places, Albuquerque                             Senior Center

                        New Mexico Art in Public in Places, Albuquerque                                       Biological Park

2015                Los Alamos Nature Center, permanent installation

2013                Homeland Season 3, "Chirps" purchased for T.V. Set                                 Decoration 

2011                Carolina Arts Vol.15, No.7Blue Mesa Review issue xxiv,                           cover art, Chirp #107 Nessun Dorma (Man O' War Ver.)

                        The Reunion, Chirp #88 for Film Set Decoration

2010                Man on a Wire poetry by Tim Lane, cover illustration

                        Local IQ, “What 'Real' Feels Like” 

2010                Viva New Mexico, “Bright Rain Gallery”

2008                Albuquerque Arts, Cover art “2-crown”

2004                Jowai: Journal of Words and Images v1.2, “Redeem”                               Portraits featured